About Us

About Us

(ASL Services) is a worldwide company dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical Sign Language interpreting services at reasonable prices to the community in accordance with the communication preferences of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons we serve. Since 1989, ASL Services has set the standard for sign language interpreting in meeting ADA requirements, bridging communication, and enhancing the quality of interaction between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

ASL Services – The Company Behind the Name

sign language interpreter ASL Services Inc. is an industry leader in providing professional sign language interpreting services throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. ASL Services, Inc also provides exclusive sign language interpreting services for cruises, major theme parks and conventions nationwide. In addition to regular sign language interpreting services, ASL Services has recently become a support for VRS (Video Relay Services). By creating proper training courses, continued testing and quality enhancement programs ASL Services has been able to stand by their fundamentals since their inception in 1992 – “Expertise, Experience and Excellence”.

Sticking to Fundamentals Excellence, Expertise & Experience

ASL Services, Inc. has been a role model for companies employing Deaf and Hearing national certified/ADA qualified sign language interpreters to provide the highest level of American sign language interpreting services and communication access available for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing communities. ASL Services is the largest provider of sign language interpreting services in the Southeast in every aspect of public and private community life and was the first and only Sign Language Company to ever be chosen as a member of the Top 25 Orlando businesses category to date. ASL Services has clearly established its dedication to sign language interpreting Excellence. Its founding principle of Expertise is the driving force behind ASL Services to recruit nationwide a diverse and highly skilled workforce, along with establishing a professional development department, intern and mentoring programs, in service training, professional workshops. It collaborates, sponsors and teams with community efforts creating a central office which continually respects legacy, supports industry current needs, while maintaining its visionary leadership. ASL Services’ Experience has made it the Sign language interpreting company of choice, with a client base that includes all facets of government (federal, state, and local) departments, education (serving 4 counties, college university and private educational programs), medical and mental health services (major hospital systems including Orlando Regional Healthcare, Florida Hospital [7 main hospitals + 14 walk-in clinics + 23 satellite locations] conference and training (over 100 conferences per year) and areas of entertainment (major theme parks, concerts, theatre) just to name a few.


ASL Services is not simply a sign language interpreting agency; the core of ASL Services proves historically that they are important to the Deaf community on many levels. In addition to sign language classes for the community for families, friends, coworkers, ASL Services established specialty programs designed to meet the needs of individuals from Latin American countries. The ASL Services website www.aslservices.com has been designed as a tool for the Deaf community to get involved in organizations, work related activities and events according to their interests. Additionally, there are constant updates with regard to interests for both the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and sign language interpreters of all levels. ASL Services has also aided in efforts such as developing the spoken Spanish, English and ASL interpreting services, documenting regional Spanish sign language in countries that did not have this opportunity yet and opening the communication access for families of the Spanish language communities. This led to the establishment of its sister company, ASLS Latino, the first for profit agency in Puerto Rico, fostering economic advancement, opportunity, and collaboration to the benefit of the commonwealth and stateside Puerto Rican Deaf residents.

The Future

Currently, ASL Services has entered into a partnership with Video Relay Services to provide support in English VRS and establish new ground and opportunity with Spanish speaking ASL Video Interpreters. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing community will continue to expand their horizons and thrive, and ASL Services is determined to continue producing the best array of communication options to help make that possible.


Company President Angela Roth, served as 2 term National Registry of Interpreters Certification Board Chair, National Hispanic Team Leader and consultant for the 5 year federal National Multicultural Interpreting Project, the RID-NAD Task Force (National Interpreting Council), Florida Licensure Task force, and among other services, founder and former President of Mano a Mano, the national association of interpreters working in Spanish language influenced communities. Through the involvement in such organizations, Angela Roth, ASL Services and ASLS Latino has helped many companies to expand their horizons and realize the benefit of looking for job related expertise within the Deaf community. With its mission to providing the highest quality professional and ethical Sign Language services to the community in accordance with the communication preferences of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing persons, ASL Services continues its visionary drive for the benefit of all our communities.