Alternative Sign Language Services

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Alternative Sign Language Services

There are many types of sign languages around the world that are indigenous to different countries – such as Mexican Sign Language (LSM), American Sign Language interpreting (ASL interpreting), Puerto Rican/Regional Sign Language and more. ASL Services Inc. provides a unique service of certified, qualified Sign Language interpreters with spoken Spanish Language skills to assist in specialized situations, including Gestuno, International Sign Language (ISL), International Sign Pidgin and International Gesture (IG) is an international auxiliary language sometimes used at international meetings such as the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) congress, events such as the Deaflympics, and informally when traveling and socializing. It can be seen as a kind of pidgin sign language, which is not as conventionalized or complex as natural sign languages and has a limited lexicon. Contact ASL Services for more information.
Deaf / Blind Interpreting
ASL Services offers sign language interpreters that can interpret with a Deaf and Blind individual with special touch sign language techniques.
Spoken Language Interpreting

ASL Services can provide interpreters in French, Italian, Spanish and more. Our complete list of spoken language interpreters is growing, so if you have a need for an interpreter in any language – we can help. Call us today!

Oral Interpreting:

ASL Services works with Certified and Qualified Oral interpreters. Oral interpreting may be needed as a primary or support to ASL. If your Deaf clients request oral intepretation, we can meet their needs!


ASL Interpreting Services works with Certified and Deaf Interpreters for situations where a Deaf client does not know formal sign language and/or uses Sign Language from another country.


ASL Services can arrange for REAL Time CART and Closed Captioning Services in any combination of English, Spanish and Sign Language. Advanced notice is requested to arrange these services.

Please contact us with your questions and/or specific needs and don’t forget to read the FAQ if you are new to ASL interpreting and the interpreting community.