ASL Services Internship Program

ASL Services Internship Program

ASL Services, Inc. Internships are an invaluable way to get career experience, build a stellar resumé, and kickstart a career in the Interpreting Field. What are you waiting for? Interpreters are available to communicate with patients with all levels of medical needs from ER/Triage requests to surgeries/procedures, labor & delivery. ASL Services can provide continuous interpretation for day/night as needed. General FAQs about our internship program can be found here.

College Internship/Mentorship Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to become an intern with our agency for the upcoming academic year. We have confidence that you will find our agency to be one of the premier agencies in the nation providing outstanding interpreting and related services. American Sign Language Interpreting Services (ASL Services, Inc.) is a nationwide company dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical Sign Language services at reasonable prices to the community in accordance with the communication preferences of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons we serve. Since 1989, ASL Services has set the regional standard in bridging communication and enhancing the quality of interaction between the Deaf and Hearing communities. The ASL Services staff lives up to the highest standards of education and training. Angela Roth, CSC, NIC (President/CEO) is a nationally recognized leader in the field of American Sign Language interpreting, leads our agency to offer highest interpreting quality and ethics. ASL Services Professional Development Team composing of both highly regarded nationally and state certified interpreters and Deaf professionals has evolved into a highly regarded academic and professional resource center for all of the agency’s interns. This program can accommodate upwards of several interns in the finest of learning and supporting environments. ASL Services provides primary interpreting services within Central Florida’s region in a variety type of settings and is the contractor for interpreting services for major theme parks in Central Florida. ASL Services proudly employs one of the highest ratios of RID nationally certified interpreters on staff.

If you wish to apply for an internship/practicum experience at ASL Services, please send an application package consisting of:

  • On one sheet of paper let us know
    • What are the Start and End times expected for internship (Please include if you have flexibility in dates)
    • How many hours would you need to complete your internship?
    • How do you need those hours comprised? Ex: How many observation hours? How many hands up hours? How many volunteer hours? etc.
    • Do you have or will you be able to secure reliable transportation?
    • Are you interested in housing support while here for a nominal fee?
  • Two letters of recommendations
    • One must be from a professor within your ITP/IPP or related program,
    • One is at your discretion—no personal references will be accepted
  • A current college transcript
  • A resume outlining your working experience, any prior interpreting experience including formal/informal training and current number of interpreting observation hours completed.
  • Copies of certificates of any interpreting or Deaf-related workshops or training that you have received in the last five years
  • Copies of any test results that you have taken in related to interpreting, if any, (i.e. RID/NIC Written Examination, State of Florida QA Written or Performance Exam Results, etc.)
  • Please answer each of the following questions listed below and submit them in an essay format.
    • What are your current strengths and challenges in your interpreting skills that you hope ASL Services to help you to improve? (500 words)
    • What does Deaf heart mean to you? (300 words)
    • Why should ASL Services select you as an intern? (250 words)


The video needs to be in either a DVD or Thumb drive and formatted and viewable on a PC. There are two parts for the video portion of your application.

(Part 1) You will begin with a short introduction of yourself in ASL.
  • Give your name; where you are from.
  • Why do you want to be an interpreter?
  • What interpreting experience have you had thus far?
  • Please state your future goals as an interpreter after graduation.
  • Describe yourself: hobbies, personality traits, and etcetera.


(Part 2) We require each candidate to submit an interpreting sample.
  • Please make arrangements with your ITP/IPP practicum instructor for this part.
  • Your interpreting sample must be done “cold” where you can’t know the material prior to interpreting except for the topic that will be discussed.
  • Please submit the name of the person that videotaped you and their e-mail address and phone number for ASL
  • Services to verify that you have done this interpreting portion “cold.”
  • Interpret 5 minutes from Voice to Sign.
  • Interpret 5 minutes from Sign to Voice.

Please send your complete application package in attention of:

Professional Development Team ASL Services, Inc. 3700 Commerce Blvd 2nd Floor Kissimmee, FL 34741
  • All portions of the application must be completed when sent in; uncompleted applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications will not be accepted if it is not postmarked by the posted deadline
  • The application review process will start right after the application deadline.
  • Application results will take between 4-6 weeks from the application deadline.
If your internship start day is between: Your Application is due by:
January 1 – May 31 November 1
June 1- August 30 April 1
September 1 – December 31 July 1
* Actual start and end times of your Internship would be determined by your school’s requirements.
** Apply for the time frame that your internship will begin.
For Frequently Asked Questions click here.