Katrina: SPECIFIC needs in the interpreter/deaf community:

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These are SPECIFIC needs in the interpreter/deaf community:
Information below provided in this order:
Phone Number
Temp Address
Need what

Cathy Lando
214-298-8736 cell sharing w/Vicky Emerson
Biloxi, MS
4528 Lake Credt Drive, The Colony, TX 75056-3468
14-16 Lg Shirts 14 W Pants 7 W Shoes
Greater St. Matthews Attn: Brenda or Sandra Gillespie
7701 Jutland Houston, Texas 77033
houston church that will make sure to get relief to deaf and terps
Toiletries, Walmart gift cards
Louisiana School for the Deaf
The school is housing students, teachers and interpreters that have lost their homes and have no place to stay. This group also includes mainstreamed students from New Orleans.
Hurricane Relief, c/o Bill Prickett, 2888 Brightside Lane, Baton Rouge LA 70820
make out your checks, payable to “Louisiana School for the Deaf” and write on the bottom of the checks “Hurricane Relief.”
clothes, toiletries, linen, school supplies
Noah Butler, III
(214) 547-1700 Rm 219 214-938-6051 cell
[email protected]
Gretna, LA
Hilton Garden Inn 705 Central Expressway South Allen, Texas 75013
lost everything, work, 10M shoe, 34 M pant, large shirt, Target
Rev. John & Barbara Lovas (pastors of the Canal Blvd Baptist Deaf Church in New Orleans)
[email protected]
765 N. Main St., St. Martinville, LA 70582
the Lovas’s, and many of their members have their homes under water.
Vicky Emerson
(504) 289-5007 214-298-8736 sharew/Cathy Lando
[email protected]
New Orleans, LA – heading to 894 Pond Court, Lebanon, Tx
4528 Lake Credt Drive, The Colony, TX 75056-3468
16-18 W Shirt 16 W Pants 71/2W Shoes, Target
Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church
9920 Long Point, Houston, TX 77055
Supplies can be sent here. http://www.woodhavendeaf.org/Map.htm which also includes the map.
The following individuals are registered at Target:
1. Gary Morgan
2. Anthony Aramburo
3. Less Yoakum
4. Noah Butler
5. Vicky Emerson
QUESTIONS? Please contact Gentry at the office (407-518-7900 ext. 321).
Are you trying to locate a person within the deaf community?
1. Contact Gentry at the office (ext. 321) to receive updated information.
2. Visit www.Redcross.org
3. Contact [email protected] and [email protected] to receive information regarding deaf evacuees in Texas.
Kroger, Randalls, Target and Walmart are major stores in the Texas area. Gift cards are always appreciated.
People are also in need of “sidekicks” and a few months of service. Please consider donating!

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