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Are YOU the next NIC: Master? We are already counting 14 Masters who have already been through the MASTER THE NIC training! This email announces an upcoming workshop and new study materials available only through Shonna Pareja LLC. Please see attached announcements and forms!

Saturday and Sunday, September 19 & 20, 2009
Holiday Inn Express
14651 NW 20th Street
Pembroke Pines Fl 33028
Hotel phone: (877) 863-4780
Registration Form (pdf)
Download Info Flyer (pdf)
Study Materials (pdf)
This workshop is for those preparing for the NIC Performance. It can also be very beneficial for any interpreter needing training on the Code of Professional Conduct. The interview has been viewed as the hardest part of the test. Do you know some interpreters with phenomenal skills who have actually failed? The interview could very well be the reason why! When answering ethical dilemmas, we may know what to do but how do we answer on the test in order to get the maximum points? Come find out! Come learn to be a Master from a Master. You will be taught proven methods to help you ace the interview portion of the performance! Countless interpreters who have learned this format have gone on to receive HIGH ratings on the NIC. Many have been awarded a NIC: Master!
Here are what some of those interpreters are saying:
I took my test on June 6th, 2009. Three weeks and a day later I received
my results…a NIC: Master! I absolutely could not have done this
without Shonna’s workshops or her continuous support and encouragement.
Her workshop works and is worth every penny. I recommend this workshop
to anyone and everyone who wants to pass this test. The workshop is fun,
energetic, exciting, and far from what you would expect from a workshop.
I studied her format and applied it to my test, and the end results were
evident that her format and what she does is the real deal. I cannot
thank Shonna enough for what she has done for me!
James “Dalton” Amici
The attainment of the NIC Master is a definite possibility for the professional interpreter. The information and materials presented in Shonna’s two day Master the NIC workshop provides an excellent preparatory foundation for the Interview component of the Performance exam. The workshop includes numerous opportunities for independent and group study, one on one Q & A, and allows for in depth discussion of the features necessary to obtain a moderate to high level test ranking by a rater of your performance.
Mark Motyka
The interview is such an integral part of the NIC process. Shonna’s “Master the NIC” workshop definitely played a huge part in preparing me for the interview portion of the test. It’s also a great way to brush up on the CPC, even if you are already certified. Highly recommended!
Jessica Hicks
I really didn’t know what I was getting into until I went to Shonna’s
workshop. It was a stimulating, challenging and eye-opening experience.
I left with a comprehensive understanding of not just the NIC
Performance test, but the Interpreting profession as a
whole. Shonna’s passion for excellence in professionalism rubbed off
on all of us. I am confident that if it wasn’t for that I would have
never passed the test, let alone reach Master level. Follow her system
and you will get results, it’s just that simple!
Alex Restuccia
When I [first] took the NIC performance, I hadn’t taken Shonna’s
workshop, and received a passing score at the NIC level. After taking
Shonna’s workshop, I decided to test again to see if I could get a
higher score, and I passed with a NIC: Master! Shonna’s approach for the
interview obviously works like a charm! Thanks for everything, Shonna!
Mary Anne Lattimore
Shonna Pareja is the kind of person whose motivation and passion will greatly impact your life, she is she kind of interpreter whose wisdom and insight will influence the community of interpreters and cause a positive change, she is the kind of mentor whose teaching and discipline will cause you to grow and learn, and she is the kind of friend whose smile will encourage you and whose presence you will simply love. Now, ask me how I know!!!
P Lanette Pinkard
President/CEO of My Hands Your Heart, LLC
Shonna’s workshop was fun, supportive, direct, and informative. I gained a fresh appreciation for our professional code of conduct and the legal implications of our decision-making. The rubric information for the interview portion was thorough and well-rounded and I felt clear about what was expected by the RID. After Shonna’s workshop I felt prepared, confident, and excited to take the NIC exam.
Kathryn Graham
I took Shonna’s Master the NIC workshop after having passed the written—and having close to 20 years in the field as an interpreter. I feel like this workshop took those years of experience and helped me to categorize and distill that knowledge into something that was a more clear representation of critical thinking about the ethics of our work, the impact we have on the many people we work with and how we can shape our decisions to result in positive incomes all around. The break down of the domains (the “Pareja Method) was immensely helpful to me and the area where I think many of us struggle when trying to articulate the decisions we make about our work. I would recommend this workshop to both seasoned interpreters and new ITP graduates as well.
Dawn M. Wessling
PRESENTER: Shonna M. Pareja, NIC: Master, CI & CT, OTC
Shonna has been an interpreter in the areas of community, VRS, VRI, legal, conference, corporate and educational. She was an ITP instructor for many years before shifting gears and turning her attention to presenting workshops around the country. Her workshops have been described as high-energy, motivating, supportive, and informative. She is the developer of the MASTER THE NIC training series and other materials that help interpreters aiming at national certification.

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