Medical Interpreting, NIC Preparation, and Legal Training… OH MY!

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Below is a listing of CEUs on the Go! upcoming workshops in the Tampa Bay area. Please register early as space is limited for each work­shop. By clicking on the link for each workshop, you can access the official website for more information.

Brave New World: Roles and Ethics for Court Interpreters
Presented by:
Carla Mathers
Date: 09/11/10– 09/12/10
This seminar is designed to present an initial discussion about court and legal interpreting by focusing on assign­ments that may appear to be community assignments but which have legal overtones. The seminar will delineate and define legal interpreting as distinguished from court inter­preting. The seminar will describe the prerequisites that a generalist interpreter should possess prior to interpreting in court or other legal settings. The class will set forth the concepts that form the building blocks for accurate and ethical court and legal interpreting. The seminar will ex­plore the roles of court interpreters, as sculpted through case law decisions and selected ethical provisions that affect the court interpreter’s role. The participants review, dis­cuss, analyze and role play situations based upon the infor­mation presented. The roles of the proceedings interpreter, the table (monitor) interpreter and the witness interpreter will be examined, studied and practiced through mediated small group work.
*This workshop with worth a total of 2.2 PS CEUs. The actual contact hours for the workshop are 1.2 PS CEUs. However, every participant is REQUIRED to complete multiple pre-readings provided by the instruc­tor. These pre-readings will be sent out via email once registered for the workshop. You will be required to write a summary of each of the pre-readings, except for the SPPs, and bring them with you to the workshop. This portion is worth 1.0 PS CEUs and is required for entrance to the workshop. These wilI be processed as an independent study. Please let us know if you have any questions.*

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