Our Interns Are Moving Up!

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ASL Services has grown so much by providing the best in sign language interpreting services, and we offer the best because we have some of the best interpreters you can imagine. Along with having some of the best interpreters as part of our vast team, we also train interpreters, whether to be a part of our team or through our internship program.

Recently, we received a message from Frances, a former intern, who has been able to really take her career to the next level. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what she had to say:

I interned with ASL Services over the holidays of 2012 and my experience down in Florida has truly shaped my career. I wanted to write you with an update and let you know what has been happening since my internship. Upon returning to Cincinnati I started freelancing for several agencies in the area. After working the majority of my hours with Community Services for the Deaf (CSD) I was asked to join their staff. January 2nd marked my first year anniversary with this company! Since starting at CSD I have contributed to many community events, as well as taken on additional roles at the agency such as; evaluating applicants for hire, co-coordinating an intern program at CSD, and currently proposing a grant for a school to work internship (paid) for students who fit into the category in which I identified before coming to Florida.

Today I found out that I PASSED my certification test! I am now NIC Certified and I feel like I owe so much gratitude to you and the staff at ASL Services. I think about your staff every day and I’m so grateful for the time I spent there and the dedication/professional relationships I formed while I was there.

Thank you for all that you do! You made a difference in my life, career, and passion for this field and I will continue to make you proud!

Such an amazing thing to hear! We’re so proud that we could help train Frances and help her move up in her career. We wish her the best in continuing to advance!

For those interested in an internship with ASL Services, please visit our Internship page here to learn more.

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