Show/Theater (Artistic Interpreting)

ASL Services has pioneered the art of artistic sign language interpreting (themed for shows, theater and music). Specialized choreography, timing, sign choice and other factors are professionally mastered for each show interpreted. Our sign language interpreters compliment the workflow of the stage, however they are trained to be professional and discreet – ensuring the stage talent is always the main focus of the event.

Since these type of events carry specific themes conveyed in movement, word choice, song and dance – ASL Services provides artistic signing that will capture the directors intent by selecting proper signs and movement. Our teams are highly acclaimed for their work on theme park shows, Broadway theater, concerts, cruise ship entertainment, plays and more for over 25 years. From Shakespeare to pop music – your Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences will be able to enjoy your show.


Our staff is experienced in the cruise-line industry, for the past decade we have been providing top level service for Deaf cruise-goers worldwide. Our ASL interpreters are already working with many of the major cruise-lines providing interpreting services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, so we understand the intrinsic needs of this type of service industry. Cruises are very complex, and require travel time – our interpreters and scheduling teams are trained to compliment the cruise-lines work flow – making it easy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing person to enjoy themselves.