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ASL Services is committed to providing the best interpreting services and exceeding the highest standards for the communities we serve. A small sampling of what our clients and their customers have had to say about our services and interpreters below.

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by Keri Burns (AAU) on American Sign Language Services

Absolutely flawless and pleasant experience. Chris was on site before the call time which actually really worked out in our favor. He was very professional and super easy to work with. Chris gave us tips, since this was a news interview, on how to best refer to John, the deaf participant, and “talk” to him in the conversation. I highly recommend Chris…and will definitely be asking [ASL Services Inc.] for him in the future.

Amazing & Talented

“I just wanted to let you know about the amazing and talented folks that you had signing the 4 pm show on Tuesday Oct 16, 2018. I have seen the show more times than I can count and today was the first time that I had the opportunity to see interpreters signing for a member of the audience that was hearing impaired. I was mesmerized by the two talented interpreters (one woman and one man) and watched them more than I did the rest of the show! As someone that has my hearing, I was drawn in by them and continued to watch them as they interpreted the songs and dialogue for those in front of me. While they disappeared with the rest of the actors behind the curtain when the show was over, I wasn’t able to catch their names or let them know. Please make sure that they know how truly talented they are and that they captured the full attention of both my husband and I while we were watching - you didn’t need to be deaf or hearing impaired to appreciate and enjoy the signing of the show through them.”

by Entertainment Park Employee on American Sign Language Services

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how amazing working/partnering with Chris was this morning. He was the perfect interpreter for Robert. Robert was able to focus and complete all 3 computer trainings in under an hour which is a huge accomplishment. I was very impressed by the way Chris kept him focused and concentrated on the tasks at hand. The kindness and courtesy Chris showed was a great example of Service from The Heart.Thank you so much,

by Blessings, A. Mills on American Sign Language Services
A Delight to work with

Just a wanted to let you know how wonderful Tara and Lindsey were today with the kids. It went well, and both are a delight to work with. So, easy going and knowledgeable! I hope to have them back for my ASL 2 classes! Thanks again for your willingness and service to our kids!

Very, Very Pleased

Hello! Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for David's services today. My husband, Christopher, had eye surgery in Winter Haven. David was fantastic.My husband said he was very very pleased with David's skills. David used tactile interpreting when needed. He was fantastic. Thank you so much!

by Jason Milliren on American Sign Language Services
Heartfelt Appreciation

How do you say Thank You to two incredible people for enhancing my cruise experience? How do you show your appreciation to two professionals for opening my world of communication in various situations under a variety of circumstances? How do you demonstrate your gratitude to two impeccable interpreters for going above and beyond in everything they do? How do you say Thank You to two wonderful individuals who work seamlessly as a team? Perhaps, the only way is to simply say Thank You for sharing your skills, talents, and most especially yourselves with me and my wife during our most recent trip. Last year, we had the distinct pleasure of sailing on a family focused cruise with Jessy and Corey. It was the first time I ever cruised with interpreters and they were amazing. Since that experience was so superior, my wife specifically requested them by name for our most recent cruise. You can’t imagine my delight when I saw them for the first time at the lifeboat drill. I knew from that moment that this would be a cruise to remember. And I was right. Let me state that their interpreting of the on-ship Broadway shows was outstanding. They clearly depicted the characters, provided the meaning and emotion of the dialogue, and their talents with the songs was absolutely, beautiful. Whether Jessy was beautifully interpreting the love songs or Corey was interpreting “Under the Sea”, I was completely mesmerized by their talents and creativity. In addition, they provided interpreting services for all of the variety of shows with equal skills. Whether it was Shows in the atrium of the ship, lounge acts in the evening, excursion trips, dinner shows, or any other extraneous needs, they were always there for me. So, this brings me back to, How do I say Thank You to two unusually talented professionals for enhancing my vacation and making it that much more magical? Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done.

by Detective Bishop on American Sign Language Services
No Better Interpreters

The interpreters, Mr. Brian Steinhoff and Mr. Marvin Mollinedo, were of great assistance. They made the process run smoothly, and made the victims in this case feel comfortable with their presence.

We could not have asked for better service. They rearranged their schedules to make themselves available for the 4 hour time frame requested, even though the plan changed.

Detective Bishop
Osceola County Sheriff’s Department

by Thomas Geissler on American Sign Language Services
Sign Language Interpreter was Excellent

My family and I did a tour at the NASA compound on the 25th March 2016. Dr. Carmel asked you to organize a sign language interpreter for the tour and you followed his wish immediately. We were able to fully understand every content cause of the translation from English to American Sign Language and we were really fascinated by that. Especially we were impressed and happy about the whole NASA-concept how to handle different visitors. We were able to learn a lot and got some advice we want to take to Germany.

The translation of the Sign Language Interpreter was excellent and we would kindly request if you could pass our compliment to the interpreter.

We want to say heartily thank you for all your work and effort!

Best regards from Berlin,

Thomas Geissler
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Something So Wonderful

We have just returned from a cruise with a Family oriented Cruise Line from March 30-April 3. We had Kim and Josiah that were assigned as our Interpreters. We had travelled with our mom Dorothy Saunders who is completely deaf and mute. My mother is 69 years old. We went to all 4 evening shows that the Cruise Ship put on. My mother indicated she has never in her entire life seen something so wonderful with the "signing" of the singing and the choreography. I, myself had a hard time tearing my eyes from them! They were so amazing! Both Kim and Josiah deserve a big "kudos" from your company. They represented your company very, very well They were animated, fun, professional and very, very dramatic. What a fantastic show they put on. I watched my mom's face during the show and she was full of wonder. She was crying because she was so amazed. She was singing along with them. It was perfection. It was really the whole highlight of the trip for her to watch the shows. She was not excluded and bored. She was 110% able to enjoy the show. It was a fantastic experience for her.

Kim also attended an excursion with mom. It was perfect because we had chosen the Key West lime bike tour and my mom would have had a hard time keeping up. We put her and Kim on the Trolley tour and that was a much better relaxed pace that mom could and enjoy. We also enjoyed not worrying about mom for our tour because we knew she was getting taken care of.

Kim suggesting having us attend the farewell show where the characters sign goodbye in sign language. My mom was amazed. She thinks they did this specifically for her and we are going to let her think that. She felt very special. It was an awesome memory.

Thank you for making our cruise so amazing. I don't think we will ever see interpretive skills like that again. It really is an art what you have put together for the shows. Amazing. We are so grateful!

Please give Kim and Josiah a big thank you from us again.

Thank you so much
Andrea McLean

Above & Beyond

I wanted to let you know how much help Jose Pereira has been in helping us try to get the GlobalVRS up and running. Last Friday he and James spent an hour or more on the phone working on getting the system connected all the while Jose was in the hospital with his wife who had just delivered their pre-mature baby. In my opinion this is going way above and beyond the call of duty. This is an example of the passion Jose has for the deaf and his desire to provide effective communication no matter what he is doing in his life. He again spent time with us on Tuesday and will probably spend time with our IT person tomorrow. We are hoping tomorrow is the ticket and we will be up and running.

I can’t express how much we appreciate all the effort Jose has put into this project and we are very grateful. You have a wonderful employee!

Joyce Peach
Quality/Risk Control Manager
Osceola County Corrections

by Theme Park Guest on American Sign Language Services
Extra Care

I just wanted to send a note singing the praises of your ASL interpreter staff. They are so friendly and kind, and make our vacation amazing every year--especially for our son who is profoundly hard-of-hearing. Because of your interpreters, he is able to fully experience the shows. It fills our hearts with joy to see him so happy.

Molly took extra care to make sure my son had a perfect viewing spot at a parade and also engaged specifically with him at the dance party. What would otherwise have been a noisy/confusing environment for him became one of his favorite experiences of the trip.

Kudos to your whole team!

Amazed and Impress

I had the pleasure of watching the same young man on board my cruise in July 2015 and then again the weekend of January 29, 2016. Both times, I was amazed and impressed with the way that he worked with his partners to present the shows on board the ship (and our muster drill) in a way that was not only essential to those that are hearing impaired but was also mesmerizing to me as I watched them and I am a hearing person. I can't tell you what a joy it was to watch him and I only wish I had asked him his name. He might remember me because we happened to bump into one another at the guest services desk and I couldn't refrain from commenting. He had seen ME at the Entertainment Pre-show interview but I had watched him do what he is obviously gifted to do each night of both cruises.

I hope that he continues to use this God-given talent and that the clients enjoy his performances as much as he seems to do and I obviously did.


I was recently at a major Entertainment Theme Park on December 29, 2015 and saw their Seasonal Processional Show. I found your sign language interpreter to be captivating during the show.

Although I am not deaf, I am a teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Lexington, Kentucky, and I teach both signing and oral students. I would love for my students to be able to see him signing. It was the best signing I have ever seen and I was very impressed. I asked the staff who manage the show and they said the interpreter's name is Brian Truitt.

Thank you!

by Terry Viall, NCL Passenger on American Sign Language Services
Being Sensitive and Caring about the Deaf community

I am writing to say thank you and to thank NCL for making my cruise during Halloween week a very special one because of the sign language interpreters you employed for the cruise. The presence of the interpreters allowed me to gain equal access to so many shows, events and excursions and I am deeply appreciative. Thank you for providing the members of the Deaf community a way to fully enjoy your wonderful cruises.

I would like to commend the selection of the two interpreters working on this cruise as Gabriel Jarret and Isabel Hernandez did an excellent service to the Deaf people on the cruise. They both were very attentive and sensitive to the needs of the Deaf for interpreters in a variety of situations and were easily accessible.

Thank you for being sensitive and caring about the Deaf community.

by Theme Park Guest on American Sign Language Services
Top Notch Interpreters

I want to thank you so much for providing this excellent interpreter! He did an awesome job!

Thank you, and most important, I deeply appreciate you providing top notch interpreters! 🙂

Thank you

Excellent Sign Language Interpreter

I met Ms. Trout is very skilled and professional interpreter. She was very helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed being with her. Many Thanks for all your help.

Excellent Work

Idalmis was dressed professionally. Her voicing & signing skills were beautiful. I was very satisfied with her work.

Wonderful Job!

I was called for an interpreter by Center for Family Care; her name is Christina Trout and she's amazing and very professional interpreter. I wanted to say THANK YOU for serving me. I would like to use your ASL service again!!!

by Alexandra Steinhoff, deaf consumer on American Sign Language Services
Good Experience

This interpreter made my experience with a new doctor a good one.

by Amanda Cadena DICAPTA on American Sign Language Services
Un Abrazo (A Hug)

Dear friends,
We would like to express our thanks to ASL team for the effort you all put in to support our AG Meeting last Wednesday. Please extend our thanks to Annette and Rafael, they really did a great job.

Shrek: The Musical!

David and Amy did an AMAZING job interpreting for Shrek the Musical this past Saturday! They were fun to watch and fully engaging! You are very lucky to have such professional and TALENTED interpreters! They get 5 stars!!

by Gary Rothwell, Physician Associates-Longwood on American Sign Language Services
Skilled & Professional

Ms. Trout was very professional and skilled at her interpretation with my patient. I was surprised and pleased by her ability to communicate the more complex medical terminology and discussion with the patient. Similarly, she was very polite and friendly.

by Denise Santiago, Kissimmee Utility Authority on American Sign Language Services
Truly Blessed to have known Renee

Truly Blessed to have known Renee, I work at Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) and she would come each week to our job with such an awesome personality always making us laugh thru each of our classes. I am so amazed to see how much I have learn from her. Thank you for your patience and guidance through almost 2 years of class. Awesome Experience that will last a lifetime. THANK YOU RENEE!!!

by Marilyn Grande on American Sign Language Services
Customer Service Supervisor

Thank you Renee for teaching the employees at KUA how to sign. We appreciate your dedication and we have learned a lot from you 🙂

Great Service

Fluently interpreting when we requested one at ER. Very satisfied!

Always a Pleasure

Each and every time I work with Kelly Maahs I am thankful that she booked the assignment. She is always pleasant, easy to work with and gives 100%!

by Michelle Young, Good Shepherd Catholic School on American Sign Language Services
A Pleasure to work with

“Our experience, in a word, was amazing. We hired ASL Services to provide interpreting for our small school's 8th grade play. We have a student with deaf parents. Ariel came to our dress rehearsal and then they both came to the performance the first night and interpreted the second night. They were 2 of the nicest people I have ever met. They helped me "place" them, ensuring they did not interfere with the actors OR the audience. They were a pleasure to work with. Even though we had provided advanced copies of the script and music, I was impressed with how familiar they were with the play. And they did a great job! The parents were absolutely thrilled.

I cannot thank you enough.

by Leonora D. Hill – Event Manager, City National Grove on American Sign Language Services
1,000 Thanks!

I really really really really enjoyed our Interpreters for Ziggy Marley!! Thank you for your great service and making the event memorable for our Guest. Please thank them 1,000 times over for us 🙂 It's a pleasure working with you and your team. Looking forward to partnering with you again in the future.

Magical Cruise!

We had the honor of working with Sam and Kim last week on a Disney Cruise! We are so thankful for their hard work, compassion, and how much fun they made the shows and events for our whole family! Thank you!

by Theme Park Guest on American Sign Language Services
An Experience like no other!

Thank you so much for setting up the interpreters at the theme park this past weds. It's been such a blur that two days later I'm struggling to remember names but I think they were Denise & Sam? Anyway, they did an amazing job & gave my sons a theme park experience that they would not otherwise have had. They are a huge asset to your interpreting team & my boys are still talking about the two shows. So, kudos to you for providing such great access as well as these two for their work.

Please extend my thanks, again, to these two. And thanks for all your help.

by Theme Park Guest on American Sign Language Services
Amazing Energy!

Sam & Rachel were amazing! They had so much energy and made the experience very enjoyable.

by Christine, Social Worker – Florida Hospital on American Sign Language Services
Team Work

Both Armando & Renee were incredibly helpful in this ‘worst and hardest case’ I have ever seen for communication. Renee specifically went above and beyond to facilitate understanding even obtaining visuals to aid the client in finding his home.

by Sergeant Rhonda Huckleberry, Orlando Police Department on American Sign Language Services
Crisis Averted!

Thank you for sending Marvin. He was great and was able to clear up a situation & stop an innocent Deaf Client from going to jail.

by Theme Park Production Stage Manager on American Sign Language Services
Excellent Team

I viewed the 11:30 performance today and wanted to send you a message of congratulations to you and your excellent Team of sign language performers. They did such a fantastic job and I was impressed with their energy and their ability to keep up with the fast pace of the show.


Thank you again for all of your kind assistance regarding the sign language interpreter. She was amazing!

Your staff is extremely professional, kind, and overall exemplary and I am so grateful for such a positive experience!

by Michael & Savanna on American Sign Language Services
Honeymoon Cruise

We just got back into the country from our honeymoon cruise.

The interpreter was amazing as we expected so thank you for doing an amazing job again. I am very impressed with your organization and continue to be impressed each time we use you guys!!

by Theme Park Employee on American Sign Language Services
Going the extra mile

Sam wasn't able to sign for the 1st performance that he was scheduled for, so after he signed for the other show he took a group back over to the initial performance for the next showing. Guests were very appreciative!

Wonderful Experience Working with ASL Services

Hello All, I wanted to express my gratitude for the ongoing assignments this past year. Working with your agency and getting to know some of you has been a wonderful and pleasant experience for me. ASL Services is extremely professional, with kind, caring and helpful employees. Even being miles and miles away from your home base, I felt a connection and was proud to represent your company. ASL Services is hands down the best agency I've had the pleasure of working with.

It is my hope that you will keep me in mind for future work in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Best regards,

Forever in our Hearts

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you for all your help prior to our vacation. The planning and scheduling information for ASL was invaluable. Before we came to the theme park we weren’t entirely sure that the ASL interpreters would make that much of a difference for our daughter Grace. A quick synopsis, Grace is only 5 years old and as you know is Deaf, however, she also is Autistic, has C.P. and several other disorders that can make day to day living a challenge for her. As you can imagine Paul and I were very wary of a theme park vacation being very overwhelming for her, so the planning prior to our leaving was paramount to relieving some of the expected stressors. Then the unexpected happened, it was truly magical!!!

I have to tell you how amazing, which is not a big enough word to describe how we feel about all of the interpreters, they were all wonderful in their own right. Brian, Jenny, Amy and Molly will be forever in our hearts and memories as the most giving people that made this a vacation beyond special. Two interpreters in particular made the week magical for Grace; Brian and Amy allowed Grace to see the theme park in a loving, creative, happy and accepting way. We cannot thank them enough.

I could go on and on describing the aftereffects that we’ve all witnessed in Grace since we’ve returned home…and yes, it is all thanks to the experience she had at the theme park! Simply all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you…to you and your amazing…AMAZING…employees/interpreters!

by Cathy Rudolph, CNM at Florida Women’s Center on American Sign Language Services
Skill & Compassion 10/2013

This is a long overdue email. I want to express to you the fantastic job Mona Keene preformed when dealing with our mutual patient. The patient delivered in October and her birth was quick and could have potentially been very overwhelming, perhaps even out of control if Mona was not present. Her interpretive services and actually her presence was so beneficial to both myself and the nurse. The nurse actually looked at me in a panic and said, where is Mona, we need her. To me this birth symbolized what is possible when everyone works together for the benefit of the client. It is a pleasure to work with Mona and I would appreciate it if you would share this email with her.

All Eyes on them 2/7/14

The interpreters were very into the performance. So much that the Guest was only able to focus on them.

Animated Interpretation 2/10/14

I really liked that the interpreters were very animated while signing for the show.

Incredible & Upbeat 1/21/14

The ASL interpreters were incredibly animated and upbeat. During the show, they interacted with the guests. They were as much fun to watch as the show itself!

by Andy Lange, Travel Professional on American Sign Language Services
My First Cruise – Thanksgiving 2013

This was my first cruise as a travel agent and I was very nervous and apprehensive about our trip. Having 42 deaf people along is nerve wracking, but the coolness and calm of the NCL team and the Interpreters we had were reassuring to me. Everyone at NCL and the interpreters went out of their way to make sure our group was care for. I can’t say enough about the sign language interpreters… Dori and her team, did an outstanding job of making sure everything was accessible to those of us who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. They went out of their way to be available to us. Dori worked hard all week, scheduling everything. It was not an easy job, and we are grateful for the extra effort they put into this assignment. Big HAND WAVES to the interpreters! A BIGGER Hand wave for everyone involved in our trip. From NCL, to ASL, Inc. to the folks on board the ship, we all had a wonderful time and it was because of you all! I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve booked our sailing on the NCL Getaway! We are so excited. Your great service and accommodations makes it super easy for me to sell NCL!

Request processed literally overnight...impressive!

Mrs. Catherine McDonald was the interpreter for our daughter at The Florida AAU Program, she was very attentive and professional. She was there on time , called before arrival to ensure she was on her way. She had great interaction with my nine year old. We want to Thank all of you in ASL Services for processing the request for services immediately, It was literally processed overnight! Our daughter was able to enjoy the event to the fullest because the interpreter was there. We couldn't be more grateful!
Mr. & Mrs. Antomattey

Passionate Performance

I wanted to send a note to compliment the interpreter who was performing during the artistic show on 11/30/13. I had a party of 8 on tour with me and this was their first time enjoying this show. Afterwards, they were all saying how they could not overlook the joy and passion that this interpreter put into her performance. They also stated, instead of watching the choir they could not help but be pulled into her performance and it shows she loves what she does. Please thank her on behalf of myself and my Guests. I hope to see her again in the future.

Personable, Friendly and Animated Interpreter

Please extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Kerry Ann for her assistance. It was a tremendous help to have her present so that Melissa could participate in the roundtable discussions. Kerry Ann was very personable, friendly and animated in her translations. She arrived ahead of time so that the meeting wasn’t delayed which is always important.

Outstanding Job!

I was at a theme park and attended a viewing of one of their shows. The show I attended was at 12noon. I saw something there that I'd never really paid attention to, but it was so special and moving to me that I felt I had to communicate my feelings. During the show I noticed the sign language communicators during the announcement of the show. As the show started and progressed I found myself looking at them more and more as their enthusiasm for what they were doing was so apparent that I couldn't help myself. I have fine hearing can hear the show but I can only say those people who do not are very lucky to have two individuals like that recreating the show with only their hands and faces with such emotion and enthusiasm. It honestly was very moving to me and I wanted to make sure they knew how impressive their performance was today. I wanted to say something to them personally after the show ended but they were gone and I could not find them to do so. Please pass this on to them and to their supervisors as they really need to be commended for the job they do and the passion they seem to have in doing it. It was outstanding to see and they truly made a positive impression on me today. Please give them the commendation they deserve for doing such an outstanding job. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and helping me to let them know how much they moved me today. I appreciate it very much.

Mesmerizing Interpreters

Amy and Brian were absolutely amazing! First, watching them was like watching a ballet that was as mesmerizing or more than the actual show. But, much more than their beautiful fluidity, they were just so friendly and warm and really made our daughter (as well as our typically hearing son) feel so welcomed and embraced. They made a point of telling us where else they would be, high fived and greeted the kids when we arrived, joked with them and just had so much fun. Please pass our warmest thanks on to Brian and Amy. I only wish they were back here in NJ!

by Florida Association of the Deaf Conference on American Sign Language Services
Great Sponsor!

On behalf of Florida Association of the Deaf (FAD), we would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship during our biennial conference on October 17-19, 2013. Your contribution makes it possible for us to have a successful conference which attracted over 200 participants.

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